Times of The Sines

Time of The Sines (previously Time of the Signs) was created in 2017 and is a culmination of XLander v LD120. James Side and Jason Fewings started performing under this name in Perth, Western Australia at local experimental and small dance events. Their brand of music is groove infused techno with elements of trance and industrial, built without computers in a completely DAWless, freeform performance. Crunchy beats, screaming leads and the all important bass drive, fuse together in a high energy evolving soundscape.

EP's and Singles

Man v Machine

Man v Machine

Released: 17 July 2020

Recent News

  • Time of The Sines - Golden Door released through Lightarmour Editions

    Time of the Sines are a collective with members based in Newcastle and Perth and bound together by an obsession for exhilarating beat-driven electronica. Their post-dance post-acid sound bares the DNA of too many genres to mention, but dropping artist names such as Moderat / Chemical Brothers / Fluke / The Crystal Method / FSOL etc wouldn’t do any harm; neither would it do any harm to cite a type of futurist psychedelia that permeates their music and musings.
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  • Time of the Sines Joins Lightarmour Editions

    Time of the Sines, and the other Godlike Productions artists are proud to join Lightarmour Editions, who will be releasing and distributing some future releases of the band. We are among some pretty amazing talent and we are looking forward to this new creative challenge.
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  • Time of the Sines Man v Machine Released

    Time of the Sines is now live on all of the major online music stores, and have released one of our earliest tracks, Man v Machine. This version of Man v Machine is from our very first live gig. We are very excited to finally bring Time of the Sines recordings out to the public, and have some pretty big things planned for the near future.
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  • Time of the Sines - Pulsecodes Video

    A brand new video and remix from Times of the Sines
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  • Time of the Sines - Live at Psychedelicious

    Time of the Sines got their doof sticks out, rolled in the dust and hooked up to some Funktion One's out in the Perth Bush for a bit of live Techno action.
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